carly-fiorina.thumbnail.jpegSo yeah, Carly got herself in hot water by saying that John McCain couldn’t run a major company, and tried to rescue herself by saying that none of the candidates could.

How would she know though? Because Carly couldn’t run a major company either. In six years she laid of almost 18,000 workers, lost half the value of the company, paid herself a 10 million dollar bonus for shoving through a merger with Compaq which didn’t work, and was forced out in 2005 for wiretapping her own board members. She then got a nice 42 million dollar severance package for driving the company into the ground.

Carly Fiorinia: Incompetent, but thinks she’s a genius. Yeah, that’s change we can believe in. Is there anyone competent on, or advising the McCain ticket.


Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

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