obamafaithsign1.thumbnail.jpgDevout Democrats will soon be able to show how they pray as well as poll with new line of "faith merchandise" offered by the Obama campaign–a move designed to embrace and influence religious voters.

“Great news! We now have faith merchandise available for you to show your support for Barack Obama as a person of faith. Check out the Believers for Barack, Pro-Family Pro-Obama, and Catholics for Obama buttons, bumper stickers and signs….” writes Obama Deputy Director of Religious Affairs Paul Monteiro in an e-mail obtained by the Beliefnet Web site.

Key to the election is the Catholic vote which has gone to the winning presidential campaign in every race since 1976, except Al Gore’s 2000 White House bid, so  along with "Believers for Barack"  and "Pro-Family Pro-Obama" rally signs, buttons and bumper stickers, Obama supporters can express that they are "Catholics for Obama."

While Catholics supporting a pro-choice candidate may seem a little peculiar (and anti-doctrinal), there are indeed pro-choice Catholics. And there are some Democrats–religious or not (like some Republicans, religious or not)–who don’t think abortion is the pivotal issue in this election: According to polls, the economy, taxes, the war and energy rank way ahead of abortions, guns and gay marriage as burning issues. At least until people step into the voting booth.

The Deputy Director of Religious Affairs assures Obama supporters that  "Believers for Barack rally signs and bumper stickers, along with all Pro-Family Pro-Obama merchandise, are appropriate for people of all faith backgrounds. We’ll soon be rolling out merchandise for other religious groups and denominations, but I wanted to get this out to you without delay. "

 Beliefnet reports that soon there will be "Clergy for Change," and "Pro-Israel Pro-Obama" merchandise, along with swag for other Christian denominations and major faiths.

Meanwhile, it’s doubtful that MCain’s camp is going reach out to minority faiths, so there’s little chance of seeing any Pagans for McCain merch.

Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

Los Angeles native, attended UC Berkeley and Loyola Marymount University before punk rock and logophilia overtook her life. Worked as nightclub columnist, pop culture journalist and was a Hollywood housewife before writing for and editing Sacred History Magazine. Then she discovered the thrill of politics. She also appears frequently on the Dave Fanning Show, one of Ireland's most popular radio broadcasts.