Chris Matthews lets Nancy Pfotenhauer run her mouth about the McCain approved "fundamentally sound" crashing economy that was precipitated by a mortgage industry runamuck

Who is Nancy Pfotenhauer? I’m glad you asked:

After graduating with a master’s in economics from George Mason University (funded by Koch) in the late 1980s, Pfotenhauer became the “chief economist” at the Republican National Committee before the age of 24. She then worked for George H.W. Bush’s transition team and Sen. William Armstrong (R-CO), and was then appointed to be “chief economist of the President’s Council on Competitiveness,” Dan Quayle’s secretive anti-environmental project.

During the Clinton years, she rejoined the Koch Industries machine as “executive vice president for policy” of the Koch front group Citizens for a Sound Economy. With her then-husband Daniel Mitchell, a Heritage Foundation economist, she co-hosted the call-in show “Mitchells in the Morning” on National Empowerment Television, run by Heritage Foundation founder Paul Weyrich. From 1996 to 2001, she was the top lobbyist for Koch Industries.

While working for Koch, she divorced Mitchell and married Gordon Smith’s (R-OR)’s chief of staff Kurt Pfotenhauer, now a top mortgage-industry lobbyist. In 2001 she was named president of another Koch front group, the anti-feminist Independent Women’s Forum (IWF). In 2003 she also became president of Americans for Prosperity (originally CSE), until joining the McCain campaign in 2007.

As for her husband, well, as a lobbyist for the mortgage industry he once said, :

“There are always a few who will deliberately go out and try to deceive, The industry is fundamentally honest and is trying to offer a product that’s good and useful to borrowers who are asking for it.”

I can see how they like the word even though they don’t seem to know what it means…



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