ND by Nester

ND by Nester

I was on CSPAN this morning with Mona Charen, who repeated the charge that Obama is pro-infanticide because he refused to support an amendment to the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975 called the "Born Alive Infants Protection Act."  She claimed the bill was necessary because of so many "botched abortions" resulting in infants who were "born alive" and murdered by hospitals who left them alone in to die in dirty linen closets, which I took issue with as a "right wing fantasy."

It’s true Obama voted against the bill, but it was because the Illinois criminal code already prohibited such actions (which the Illinois Department of Public Health confirmed).  But the bill also had a lot of poison pill threats to abortion rights, and rightly went down to defeat. 

Undeterred, by way of proof Charen has posted on The Corner the transcripts of testimony by Jill Stanek, a nurse who purportedly witnessed these incidents.

Media Matters:

In an August 2004 email discussion with Stanek, Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn quoted IDPH spokesman Tom Shafer stating: "[W]hat they were alleging were violations of existing law. … We took (the allegations) very seriously." Zorn further wrote: "Shafer told me that the 1999 investigation reviewed logs, personnel files and medical records. It concluded, ‘The allegation that infants were allowed to expire in a utility room could not be substantiated (and) all staff interviewed denied that any infant was ever left alone.’ "

The Illinois Department of Public Health investigated Stanek’s claims.  Nobody would back her up.  It’s all horseshit, and yes, a "right wing fantasy."  Yet Ann Coulter used Stanek’s account to claim that Obama "wants the doctors … chasing it through the delivery room to make sure it gets killed."

So who is Stanek and why do they love her?

Again, Media Matters:

Media outlets have quoted or cited criticism of Sen. Barack Obama by anti-abortion activist and WorldNetDaily columnist Jill Stanek without citing relevant facts that undermine her credibility, including her suggestion that domestic violence is acceptable against women who have abortions, her support of billboards in Tanzania with the words "Faithful Condom User" next to a picture of a large skeleton, and her citation of a report that "aborted fetuses are much sought after delicacies" in China to which she added, "I think this stuff is happening."

They love her because she’s insane.

I’m afraid Mona’s going to have to do better than this "proof" if she wants to convince anyone who isn’t a foaming News of the World addict who thinks aliens have landed in Ireland and produced a race of Lepprichauns that Obama is a baby killer.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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