What lies ahead? As in: what lies will Senator John Sidney McCain III and Governor Sarah Palin tell in the week ahead? Anyone care to make a prediction about where their untruth-telling will take the GOP standard-bearers between now and next Sunday?

I am partial to a new lie about polar bears, myself. I predict McCain will say, "Oh no, Governor Palin never sued the federal government to keep the polar bear off the endangered species list!" in response to Regis Philbin or Tyra Banks or whosever talk show he goes on this week in hopes of dodging tough questions. Of course, after the break, he’ll drag his second wife, Cindy Lou, onstage in an attempt to change the subject. Let’s hope she leaves her lovely coat made of dalmation puppies backstage.

And, since Sean Hannity’s False-ometer has never been calibrated since he went on Faux Snooze, I predict Sarah Palin will lie about… enjoying Tina Fey’s takedown of her on Saturday Night Live this weekend. She and Sean will laugh about it, until she asks Sean if he enjoys Keith Olbermann’s impressions of him. Governor Palin will also lie about Todd Palin getting a subpoena to testify about Trooper Wooten and Public Safety Commissioner Moneghan. "Nope, did not happen, Sean. There was no subpoena, Sean."

Finally, Karl Rove will lie again. When he says that John McCain "has attributed to Obama things that are beyond the 100% truth test," he is speaking in code to his protege Steve Schmidt, of course: "Attribute to Obama things that are beyond the 100% truth test."

And Chris Wallace, bless his dark heart, will also lie again: "Do they need to be 100% passing the truth test?" He neatly summarizes Traditional Media complaint this campaign season: "Why can’t candidates for president lie?"

What lies ahead this week? What lies do you predict lie ahead for our lying liars this week?

{youtube courtesy of JedReport.com}

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge