We’ve all heard it from the Republicans before: The Democrats are Tax & Spend liberals who, just by virtue of not being Republican, increase our taxes so they can spend the money on some sort of waste our hard earned money on bridges to nowhere wasteful liberal schemes.  Now, courtesy of MSNBC, we have an exact description of what Sarah “the reformer”  Palin considers the “Tax & Spend mentality” that inspire her to run for Mayor of Wasilla:

But in her four years on the council, she picked up on sentiment that was building against the three-term incumbent, John Stein, who pushed for the 2 percent sales tax to pay for road, sewer and water upgrades. These investments laid the way for the city’s growth, but they also unnerved some residents.

“People said, ‘What are you doing to my city? I liked it better when we didn’t have government,’ ” said Richard Deuser, the city attorney at the time. “And Sarah really pandered to that resentment, that resistance to change. Sarah became their person.”

Since most of the financial burdens of government services are subsidized by state oil revenue, there is little in the way of normal city services that need to be financed or handled by the Mayor of Wasilla. The previous Mayor, John Stein, cut their already low property tax rate and, instead, imposed a 2% sales tax most of which is paid by people who live out of town.  

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