Maybe Carly got shitcanned at HP because she’s a liar.

Check out this jaw-dropping exchange where in a span of less than two minutes, she repeats the McSame’s campaign’s lies about the Bridge to Nowhere and Palin’s record on earmarks.

Claire McCaskill did a very good job in smacking her down — "Sarah Palin is an earmark queen." She should’ve said that a few more times, it’s a good line.

Snuffleupagus badly distorts the facts on BTN — "she stopped the project" — but Fiorina is still totally speechless when he reminds her that Palin kept the money.

The McSame campaign continues to make the Bush/Cheney ’04 campaign look high-minded and principled by comparison. 

(video via hidnusr)

Blue Texan

Blue Texan