After two months, an investigation by the City of Dallas is drawing to a close.

Almost two month after Crews Inn co-owner David Moore temporarily banned from his bar drag queens and transgender women whose appearance does not match their ID, the city’s investigation into a complaint over the ban is nearing its end.

Mediation between Moore and three transgender women who were kicked out of the club is tentatively set for Friday, Sept. 19.

And it looks like the city of Dallas is siding with the three transgendered women who filed complaints under the city’s fair housing statutes.

The goal for Williams and the two other women in mediation will be to get formal assurance this type of ban will not happen again. They also want Moore to apologize for some of his comments against the transgender and drag communities.

If a resolution cannot be reached in mediation, two options remain.

According to a letter sent from the city to all parties involved, the city attorney may find that there is “reasonable cause and mediation has not been successful.”

If that happens, the city attorney may seek criminal prosecution, and if found guilty, Moore and co-owner Terry Ann Seabolt would have to pay $500 fines for each instance of discrimination.

This seems to me like a rather profound endorsement of gender identity issues by the city of Dallas.

David Moore isn’t a bad man, but banning customers based upon gender identity was fundamentally wrong.  This entire episode has been rather dramatic (we locals have read and heard about it nonstop for over eight weeks), but I’m glad to see that Mr. Moore and Crews Inn have seen the error of their ways.




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