Sure, it’s great news that Todd Palin is getting subpoenaed for his thoroughly (and typically) inappropriate role in Troopergate, but why no subpoena for Sarah Palin? I mean, she was kind of involved in this mess, right? And it’s not like she’s cooperating with the investigation.

Alas, in true Nancy Pelosi fashion, the AK legislative committee in charge of the investigation decided at least a week ago that a subpoena for Sarah Palin is off the table:

Even if she refuses to testify voluntarily, Sarah Palin will definitely not be subpoenaed as part of the Trooper-Gate investigation, Rep. Jay Ramras, a Republican on the committee overseeing the probe, just confirmed to TPMmuckraker.

Ramras said that issuing a subpoena for a vice-presidential candidate "would be disrespectful." He called it "inappropriate conduct, given the unique political circumstances," and "bad form."

Disrespectful? Bad form? Vigorously pursuing the investigation is "inappropriate conduct" because Sarah Palin is running for vice president? What the hell does that have to do with anything? What legal doctrine says that being on a presidential ticket exempts a public servant from her obligation to testify? Isn’t the law more deserving of respect than any individual, no matter how newly prominent?

Look, if being subpoenaed would be an embarrassment for Sarah Palin and the McCain campaign, that’s their problem, not yours. It is simply not your responsibility to cover for John McCain’s reckless decision to pick a politician under investigation to be his human shield charisma surrogate running mate. If Sarah Palin can’t bear the shame of being subpoenaed, then all she has to do is stop stonewalling and testify. But if you never put the subpoena on the table, you’ll get nothing and probably like it.

Last week I was pretty happy about the committee’s decision to revisit subpoenas and accelerate the investigation after the seven witnesses backed out, but this willful omission really sticks in my craw. It is the same kind of craven deference which took impeachment off the table in Congress, and which makes inherent contempt somehow unthinkable. It has eroded the rule of law down to a feeble nub, and it must stop. Please, I beg of all you legislators, worry a little less about keeping your jobs, and a little more about doing them.