Sarah Palin has been cc’ing her husband on privileged government emails:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – E-mails from the Palin administration are being withheld from the public and the governor is citing executive privilege.

With subject lines like "Fagan," "Andrew Halcro" and even "Alaska Ear," it makes some wonder how those topics could possibly be policy related; especially since those same e-mails were copied to the governor’s husband.

The administration says public employees need to know they can debate openly amongst themselves.

Andree McLeod, who tried repeatedly to get a job with the Palin administration, obtained the e-mails through a public records request. [KTUU, emphasis added]

You might be wondering who Andrew Halcro is. A secret agent? A shady lobbyist? Ted Stevens’ love child? No, Andrew Halcro is the guy who wrote Shadow Governor? a widely circulated essay about how Todd Palin may be secretly running the government of Alaska. 

Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein