UPDATE: I’m moving this thread back to the top for those of you who are following the storm track. Scholars and Rogues has a page dedicated to Ike links. Contributor Edmundo is Tweeting from Houston. 90,000 people (CNN; the Weather Channel is reporting 24,000) decided to ride Ike out in Galveston; that decision seems foolish by any stretch of the imagination, given the forecast.

It looks like Ike’s arrival in Texas will cause catastrophic damage. That’s also not the half of it. Scholars and Rogues received an email from a colleague in Houston and word is that misjudgments and lack of adequate prep may result in chaos that could have been avoided. Edmundo Rocha:

In the city’s attempt not to repeat the steps Mayor Ray Nagin took with Gustav, Houston has created a major clusterfuck. In trying to maintain order and avoiding mass panic, I can tell you, it has failed.

Whatever reports you’re hearing are lies. During the day, the city and county told us to fill our gas tanks as part of storm preparations. However, the one model forecasters relied on for previous hurricanes, which happens to say we were in the path, was ignored. As the day went on, things were getting grimmer and people are now panicking as shown in this pic. This is the reason why gas stations are running dry.

We were told to stay in place. They mis-estimated the path and ignored previous storm patterns. Now we are suffering the consequences. The word this morning is that we are screwed, but the ones that fucked worst are the ones living on the coast. By Sunday, Galveston, Freeport and many other cities will look like Gulfport, MS after Katrina.

Are there Texas Blenders out there who can share similar (or hopefully, more optimistic) accounts of what is going on?

Kate has relatives in Austin, and they’ve been preparing for days because even inland, Ike will pack a powerful punch.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding