• Lies.
  • Distortions.
  • Untruths.
  • Deceptions.
  • Dissembling.
  • Misstatements.

Out-of-context snippets.

Andrea Mitchell: "That literally is not true."

Joe Klein: "…Senator Honor’s daily lies and bilge–his constant attempts to divert attention from substantive issues…"

Jonathan Martin: "factually shaky"

Joe Garofoli: "Now McCain is lying about Factcheck.org."

Newsweek: "why kick off your campaign with an ad that’s full of falsehoods?"

John Sidney McCain III is not running an honorable campaign. It’s an unpatriotic campaign. It’s a dishonest campaign. Every ad his campaign has put on the air since his convention has been untrue. The campaign is full of untruths, distortions, and lies. He knows he can’t win a campaign based on the truth, so he lies to the American people to win.

Haven’t we had enough lies? Haven’t we had enough?

Have you had enough?

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge