I’m out of money, I’m out of hope,
It looks like self destruction.
Well how much more can we take,

Before I get started, Apple released a new version of iTunes this week with a pretty sweet feature called Genius which creates a playlist from your existing library based upon style. For example, I selected The Posies Golden Blunders and it created a list from songs by Apples In Stereo, Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, Lush, The Three O’Clock, Matthew Sweet, Guided By Voices, and the Trash Can Sinatras among others. Nice.

I’ve taken  to using it while I learn about that blogging thing that the kids are talking about when they’re not doing the twist to that hippity-rap music they all listen to.

Okay… songs. No cheating. Cheating is wrong and you’ll go to hell or some shitty little town in Alaska where you’ll have to eat moose all the time… and not the creamy dessert kind:

Olympia, Wa. – Rancid
Flirtin’ With Disaster – Molly Hatchet (oh…yeah)
Civil War – The Blake Babies
Knuckle Duster – White Zombie
Don’t Wanna Be Here – Cool For August
El Kitapena – Manu Chao
The Groover – T-Rex
All Along the Watchtower – Neil Young (Dylan 30th Anniversary concert)
Put Down The Gun – Peter Case
The Boys From Alabama – Drive-By Truckers
and one more because it’s 9/11: Iron Man – The Bad Plus



Yeah. Like I would tell you....