Okay, enough is enough. John McCain’s team has got to stop messing with Sarah Palin. I mean, this is getting sexist. They totally set up America’s ruby lipped hockey mom by not telling her what the Bush Doctrine was before her 9/11 interview with Charlie Gibson!

It’s time for the McCain campaign grow up and lay off the hazing. I know, it’s a tradition to make the obscure Southern/Northern governor sweat, but this has gone too far. Somebody really should have told Palin before she made a complete fool of herself on national TV.

If those DC shock jocks hadn’t held out on the nice governor, she would have known the difference between the right to preemptively respond to an imminent attack and the right to anticipatory self-defense against any country that might be plotting terrorism or harboring terrorists.

I’m looking at you Steve Schmidt. You totally punk’d Palin. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Now, be a man and apologize.

Lindsay Beyerstein

Lindsay Beyerstein