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Barack and the Big Dog Meet

Obama and (Bill) Clinton release a joint statement:

“President Clinton and Senator Obama had a great conversation in Harlem today. They discussed the campaign briefly, but mostly talked about how the world has changed since September 11, 2001.

"Sen. Obama praised the work of the Clinton Foundation around the world and President Clinton applauded Sen. Obama’s historic campaign which has inspired millions around the country.

"They also spoke about what the next President can do to help make the economy work for all Americans, as it did under President Clinton, and ensure safety and prosperity far beyond the coming the election. President Clinton said he looks forward to campaigning for Senator Obama later this month.”

The Observer had a good article on the relationship between the Clinton and Obama folks which tells the story I’ve heard from Clinton veterans all along — that the Obama camp didn’t reach out to the Clinton staffers in the way that campaigns normally do after the primary battle is over, and as a result they’re having to create a template for working together from scratch now that circumstances demand it.

I’ve also heard tales of extraordinary personal bitterness emanating from the Clintons toward those who didn’t support them, so whether that fueled the sluggish transition or happened in response to it I don’t know.  What is beyond dispute is that Bill Clinton is extraordinarily good at dealing with the garbage that is now being thrown at Obama, and his input sure couldn’t hurt. 

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