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Liddy Dole can't remember name of NC business she owns; ranks 93rd in effectiveness

I’m so sick of Bush rubber stamp Elizabeth Dole. Whatever she’s been doing in DC all these years, it’s certainly not benefiting folks here in NC.  No-show Dole was asked during a press conference on Monday about charges that she’s never in the state and out of touch with voters, and she oh-so makes the case that she’s definitely out of touch in more ways than one. (Rocky Mount Telegram):

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole attempted to defend herself against claims that she is not a true North Carolinian. The Kay Hagan campaign links to an entire Web site, after all, dedicated to the notion that Dole ought to return to Kansas to be with her husband.

But as Dole began detailing her deep Tar Heel roots on Monday, the Republican nearly committed a John McCain-like campaign blunder.

Dole (while laughing): I think (Hagan) has indicated many times that I’m from Kansas. But my roots are very deep in North Carolina. Very deep. Here, I grew up in Salisbury, went to the public schools, spent 11 years on the Duke board after I graduated from Duke, own a home there. I own a business in North Carolina, for goodness sake. My family roots go way, way back.

Reporters: What business do you own?

Dole: We had a family farm, which was turned into a real estate development. And it’s just outside of Salisbury. It’s just a beautiful development.

Reporters: What’s the name of the development?

Dole: [10-second Pause followed by nervous laughter] Well…

[Another pause]

Reporters: It’s fine if you …

Dole: I have to stop and think for a moment.

[Brief pause]

Reporters: If you can’t think of it, it’s fine.

Dole: I’ll get it for you. I will.

Reporters: Well, I also wanted to ask you about the tone of the race and your opponent’s …

Dole: It’s Forest Glen. That’s right. Because it’s right in the forest where my dad had a little cabin and built a little pool for us as children. That’s right. Forest Glen.

No comment. I think that speaks volumes.

Below the fold is the latest DSCC ad on Dole – she ranks 93rd in effectiveness in the U.S. Senate — and it shows.

Narrator: Imagine your car ranked near the bottom on reliability?

Well, Senator Elizabeth Dole is ranked 93rd in effectiveness 7th from the bottom and her ineffectiveness is costing us at the pump.

93rd in Effectiveness

7th from the Bottom.

Source: McClatchy, 3/8/08;, Power Rankings 2008

Narrator: She voted for billions in tax breaks for big oil…

Source: Vote 213, 7/29/05

Narrator: Against funding for alternative energy like wind and solar…

Source: Vote 146, 6/10/08

Narrator: Even tried to eliminate mileage standards.

Source: Business America, 04/27/87

Narrator: On gas prices, she’s part of the problem.

Elizabeth Dole. Just not getting the job done.

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