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Let’s Get Palin On Rachel Maddow’s Show!

Republicans are such whiny little babies. Barack Obama can go onto Bill O’Reilly’s show without putting any limits on Falafel Man whatsoever, yet the babysitters of poor widdle Princess Sarah will only deign to allow ABC’s Charles Gibson to approach her deferentially on hands and knees, asking only those questions personally approved by the McCain campaign’s Steve Schmidt.

Cowards. If they had half the guts their say they do, the McCain camp would send Palin out to do battle with Rachel Maddow.

C’mon, McCainies: You can’t claim that Palin’s a pit bull while coddling her like a Chihuahua. Either put up or shut up — put her on Rachel’s MSNBC show, or snap yer traps shut.

I want to see Sarah Palin defend herself against questions that would be far more fair, cogent, and to the point than anything Falafel Boy spewed at Obama. Hey, she’s a big girl now, she doesn’t need the training wheels.

You know where to find Ms. Maddow: Double-dog dare ya!

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Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman