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Bringing John McCain Back to Reality

The mysterious Unclassified Producer goes over John McCain’s speech, noting that it shows, ummm, not just a slight break with the real world but a full on schizoid break. (Ok, he uses different, much funnier words than that.) Watch. Laugh. Cry. And in the process leave Fantasy Island for reality. It’s not as pretty here, but it’s the real world. It’d be nice if McCain lived in it.

(If you’re having trouble getting the YouTube to run, hit refresh, that often clears it. Yes, we’re mystified why that works too. Like kicking the furnace.  If that doesn’t work, you can reach it direct here.)

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Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh

Ian Welsh was the Managing Editor of FireDogLake and the Agonist. His work has also appeared at Huffington Post, Alternet, and Truthout, as well as the now defunct Blogging of the President (BOPNews). In Canada his work has appeared in and BlogsCanada. He is also a social media strategy consultant and currently lives in Toronto.

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