Cause I’m a teenager/ with a little bit of gold and a pager

I promised Criminal Justice and I promised Hip Hop. Conveniently for me they overlap, not in often.

On the last iteration of his online persona Spence documented the arrest of Rebel Diaz members Rodrigo and Gonzalo Venegas on June 18th. The brothers were arrested after offering to translate for a group of officers that were in the process of ticketing some NYC street vendors and confiscating their wares. As often happens, confusion ensued. Arrests soon followed.

As if that weren’t enough the brothers were subjected to a humiliating, warrant less and inexplicable raid on their home a few days later. (The Voice has the story here.)

The brothers Venegas were scheduled for a court appearance to deal with their arrest last Wed. They packed the court with about 50 supporters. They asked for and were granted a continuance on their case, and they’ll be back in court December 16th. Stay tuned.

(Why should you care about Rebel Diaz? Cause they lay it down like this: “Stuck on stupid/ Bumpin music that’s abusive to shorties/ And the nonsense that you spittin they just listen and absorb it.”)

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