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Parah Salin’ in Flyover Country


The red-meat offered up by the lipstick-wearing pit bull from Alaska to the "base" of the republican party (aka "aged cottage cheese") included an interesting and thinly-veiled pitch toward the culture wars that the republicans are seeking to ignite over the next 60 days. Her Assembly-of-God Creationism and no-holds barred attitude is her ticket to assume the center-ring ringmistress position in the culture war circus of this years elections.

Republicans who can’t quite bring themselves to voice "10-Commandments" Westmorland’s overt racism are absolutely loving the anti-science, and overtly racist dogwhistles coming from Pitt-Bull Palin’s lip-glossed gob. Indeed, if the tales of the lady of the land of the midnight sun are even half-way true, I’d bet that the sudden, and unfortunate demise of ex-POW McCain from old age and his injuries and cancers, and her ascension to the Oval Office would be followed by two seminal events: The suspension of the Civil Rights Act followed by the suspension of the Bill of Rights. If there is any truth to the story about her referring to Barack Obama as "Sambo", she is no more fit for a federal public office (or any other office) than the Grand Kleegle of the KKK.

Her tax policies are a mixture of opportunism and a fawning sop to big business and special interests who fuel her campaigns and political aspirations. Why else would the metropolis of Wasilla need a multi-million dollar sports complex built on land that is still in litigation to determine ownership except to fill the coffers of builders and land owners in Wasilla and Anchorage? Palin is just another "Credit Card Conservative" whose idea of cutting taxes involves borrowing to hide the burden of government spending shifted into overdrive, while decrying both the evils of revenue generation (taxes) and government spending (earmarks/pet projects/PORK). Gee, does this sound familiar?

As Wasilla mayor, Palin has a decidedly mixed record on taxes and spending. She slashed her salary and cut property taxes by 40 percent because of booming sales tax revenue from new stores.

But Palin also increased the budget by spending on roads and sewers, left the town nearly $20 million in debt and raised the city sales tax by half a percent (she said the money was needed to support construction of an indoor ice rink and sports complex and a police dispatch center).

Wow! She took over her city with which had virtually no debt on her inaugural day and left it over $20 million dollars in debt! Now who does that sound like? I can’t quite recall… perhaps you can help me out here.

Palin is a formidable adversary who plays for keeps. Her selection is a complete cave to the forces of Dobson and Norquist; and her inexperience is going to be sold as a mark of her "outsider" status to appeal to the slack-jawed morons who want to both have a beer with her and get into her pants. It would be a mistake of epic proportions to underestimate her for a nanosecond or to write her off as a classic doctrinaire wingnut.

Her seclusion for two weeks (to ostensibly say bye-bye to the son headed for Mess O’Potamia) and learn all the talking points by heart will prevent anyone except select media (and I mean very select media) from asking her any questions or probing into her personality and getting to know her. Our loss will be the McCain campaign’s hoped-for gain, I guess. The Less the American People know, the More they’ll like her? An unlikely, but very Rovian strategy.

A woman who never met an investigator she did not want to stonewall, a bridge she didn’t want to not build, oil company profits she didn’t want to socialize (but heaven forbid she use that word), an ebay sale she didn’t make, an epithet she never tossed out there… in short a woman made to sail into Flyover Country… and take a dump on them enroute. Now that’s a small town value!

photo by miles de courcy

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Jo Fish

Jo Fish

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