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McCain is MIA; Believed Hidden Behind Palin’s Skirt

John McCain has always had a schizophrenic relationship with women. He has constantly painted himself as the randy, tough flyboy, but, as both he and his mother (and everyone else who seems to have knowledge) readily admit, he was, and still is, a flat out mama’s boy all the way. Now McCain has found an even bigger skirt to hide behind, that of Sarah Palin. Who knew that the GOP Nominee had become so weak, addled and ineffective that the GOP, and McCain himself, was desperate enough to pluck an unknown, inexperienced and unvetted Sarah Palin off the wind swept tundra of Alaska just to manufacture an excitement diversion?

Since the jaw dropping announcement of Palin, it has been hard to tell that McCain is still the the nominee and leader of the ticket. All the buzz at the Republican National Convention was over Sarah Palin, she was the toast, and the star, of the show. Palin’s speech on Wednesday night dwarfed that of McCain’s nomination acceptance on Thursday in every measurable category. There was more excitement, more anticipation, it was better and more coherently written, and it was by far better delivered. The king of the Midshipmen upstaged completely by a probie plebe. In a skirt.

Since the close of the Sarah Palin Show Republican Convention, McCain has only further disappeared behind (under?) Palin’s skirt. As MSNBC notes, McCain-Palin has become Palin-McCain:

The banners, buttons and signs say McCain-Palin, but the crowds say something else.

"Sa-rah! Pa-lin!" came the chant at a Colorado Springs rally on Saturday moments before Republican nominee John McCain took the stage with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a woman who was virtually unknown to the nation just a week earlier. The day before, thousands screamed "Sa-rah! Sa-rah! Sa-rah!" at an amphitheater outside Detroit.

In the short time since McCain spirited the 44-year-old first-term governor out of Alaska and onto a national stage as his running mate, Palin has become an instant celebrity. And since her speech at the Republican National Convention, watched by more than 40 million Americans, she is emerging as the main attraction for many voters at their campaign appearances.

"She’s the draw for a lot of people," said Marilyn Ryman, who came to see her at the Colorado rally inside an airport hangar. "The fact that she’s someone new, not the old everything we’ve seen before."

Boy, no kidding. There have been several different Palin/McCain campaign appearances covered by CNN and MSNBC the last few days, and it is jarring just how dominant Sarah Palin is compared to the weak, old and wooden looking McCain.

And this does not appear to be any chance phenomenon either; after the initial position that Palin would be retreating to Alaska to cover up her scandals study foreign policy and send her son off to Iraq, that no longer appears to be operative and Palin is front and center from here on out. How humiliating for McCain, the second he realizes his greedy lifelong consuming ambition of being the GOP Presidential nominee, he is shunted aside so fast that even his creaky head must be spinning. For a sassy rookie woman from the frozen nowhere.

You could almost feel sorry for McCain. Almost, that is, if it were not for McCain’s lifelong history of using, discarding, sucking and leeching off of women to serve his personal desires and ambitions. McCain himself has written about the scores of women that he went through in his youth. Then he claimed to have found his soul mate, Carol, and settled down. Of course, all that only counted if it was all perfect for McCain; the second it was not, because of injuries Carol suffered in a car accident, McCain abandoned her and their family. Of course, McCain didn’t leave Carol before he had found his next mark, Cindy Lou Hensley, to leech off of. Years after using Cindy’s money and contacts to fuel his political career, a career he may never have had without the Hensley resources, McCain still dismisses his wife with such uncouth terms as "trollop" and "c*nt" when he is annoyed or angry.

So, with McCain now missing in action behind Palin’s skirt, it is in no small measure of irony and justice that the angry, dishonorable cad McCain, having spent his political lifetime living off of the good graces and money of his wife, is now subjugated to the role of the wooden dummy Charlie McCarthy to Sarah Palin’s Edgar Bergen. The user is now the tool. Are you ready for President Palin?

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