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What makes a woman?

Hi all.

This Diary is about what makes you a woman. All of us, even I, know what it is that makes us a woman to ourselves. Yes, men can speak up too, and describe what they think makes a woman. Or, start a thread about what makes them a man.

In the earliest part of the Renaissance, in northeastern Italy, a rather powerful woman had a three week long dinner party, attended by the finest of the finest people and anyone who was well connected at the time. The children and grandchildren of these people became the nobles and powerhouses later (medicis, anyone? Machiavelli?).

The conversation they had during that time centered on defining men and women. A lesser noble of the day took copious notes, later organized them, and published them in two volumes.

The books were in print for over three hundred years.

They formed the basis of what we, today, think of in terms of what we are as men and women, and are a fascinating read (I read it in english in 78 or 79).

There were rules that were followed, though, and I'd like to repeat them.

  • 1. One cannot define something by what it is not.

That is, no one should describe what a woman is by saying “a woman is not X”

Nor can they say “a woman does not”.

  • 2. One cannot define it by describing it as lesser.

That is, no one should be saying ” a woman is beneath a man” or similar.

  • 3. One should be polite to all others.

That is, disagreement is allowed, but be nice.

However, remember that in disagreeing, you cannot define something by what it is not.

Them's the rules.

As to why the question:

Well, let's just say I'd like to know…

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