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TrooperGate Investigation Timing

Andrew Halcro has a detailed update on TrooperGate that clarifies the news about the legislature’s decision to issue subpoenas. Here’s my summary.

  • The legislature was going to hold a hearing on August 18 to discuss subpoenas. The hearing was canceled because all relevant witnesses agreed to give depositions.
  • Seven of those who had previously agreed to give depositions have retracted that offer (pretty much since the Palin as Veep thing happened).
  • The committee investigating TrooperGate will hold a hearing on September 12 to vote on subpoenas for those 7 people. Note, this has elsewhere been reported as the new deadline for the report, which is wrong.
  • The committee will not subpoena the governor. They say:

“We also discussed and agreed amongst ourselves that no subpoena will be issued for the Governor,” said Representative Nancy Dahlstrom, R-Eagle River.  “She has told the public that she intends to cooperate with the investigation, indeed, she has told the public that she welcomes the investigation and I have every faith that she means it.  If necessary we can send Mr. Branchflower to wherever the Governor is, or she can give her statement to him over the telephone, whatever is most convenient for her.  We recognize that her schedule is extremely busy, and we want to accommodate that.”

  • The new deadline for the final report–moved up to give more time before the election–is October 10.

 I guess it’s time to ratchet up the pressure on Palin to actually testify in this.

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