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Liveblogging the RNC: McCain and McCain And POW!

John McCain Condoms

John McCain Condoms

Tonight’s drinking game: take a sip every time Cindy, John, or anyone else, alludes to McCain being a POW. Only a sip, mind you, or you’ll be watching from the floor before we’re half way. Endurance, fortitude and a stomach of iron, that’s what it takes to liveblog McSame.

The crowd: older, more formally dressed, less happy and heavier than the one I saw in Denver.

Music: "Into the Danger Zone". Great music for reverse-ace John McCain. Not a lot of folks have lost 5 planes.

Graham: "The surge was a success" Excellent, if the war’s won, then the troops can come home, right? Oh, no, ’cause if they do al-Qaeda wins, or something.

Palin Video: She loves, loves, loves, loves – hot Maverick lovin’

Ridge: Only McCain and I understand each other’s jokes. Honestly, I think he’s in love with John, the arms around his friend brought a tear to my eyes.

(Will liveblog in comments, to spare the server.)

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