CALL TO ACTION – Calling All Blenders

Pam's Whoop-AssYour mission, should you choose to accept it:

A conservative wrote this to me tonight. Blenders, please respond to any or all of the points he writes below. Please correspond your responses with the numbers of his talking points.

This point of view he has represents MANY educated, wealthy, Christian males who will be voting. Let's open up a can of Pam's whoop-ass for him/them.

In particular, he doesn't understand what “women's rights” really means.


I think you are blowing this out of porportion and letting these left wing newspapers get the best of you. You are better than that I know.

Let me tell you why I think the Left is really scared and will do anything to stop Sara Palin. It is simple to see if you think about it.

1. She is bright, young and represents a hope for all women to see what they can do.
2. She also represents the opposite of what the feminist movement stands for. Harvard/Yale educated, Left leaning, anti-men, pro abortion.
3. If she get elected, she can start a whole new woman thing that attracts non-feminists. Boy do they hate that.
4. She is conservative and now is seen as a kind of “bigger then life” star. That really makes 'em mad!
5. Feminists get upset and can't believe she wouldn't get an abortion with a down syndrome. How dare her to actually carry that child into a loving family.
Well you get my point. She is a real breath of fresh air that happens to be a person like most of the people in the midwest and all small towns, so no wonder Gloria Steinheim and NOW and crowd of Socialists.

 [UPDATED by “Radical” Russ to include a fresh new can of Whoop-Ass! (and updated by Pam with another!)]

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