Wow. What else can fall out of this woman’s closet that will embarrass the LCRs? Inclusive, all right — look at what goes on at the veep nom’s Wasilla Bible Church.

At the 11:15 am Sunday service, hundreds sit in folding chairs, sing along with alt-rock praise songs, and listen to a 20-minute sermon about the book of Malachi. The only sign of culture warring in the whole production is an insert in the day’s program advertising an upcoming Focus on the Family conference on homosexuality in Anchorage called Love Won Out. The group promises to teach attendees how to “respond to misinformation in our culture” and help them “overcome” homosexuality.

Either Sarah Palin believe and endorse this tripe of thing or she doesn’t — there’s no middle ground. Will she go on the record to clear the matter up, or do we just assume she’s inclusive, as we’ve been told to believe and hope by certain portions of our community?

Wayne Besen plans to travel to the September 13 anti-gay LWO event, which will be held in Anchorage. (TWO):

“We are deeply concerned that Sarah Palin may share the extreme and medically unsound view that gay and lesbian people can and should be cured,” said Wayne Besen, Executive Director of Truth Wins Out. “We call on Palin to express her views on this issue so we have a clear idea of where she stands. We hope this is an area where she disagrees with her church.”

Focus on the Family’s notorious “ex-gay” road show will take place at an Anchorage mega-church on Sept. 13. Besen will join several clergy and parents of gay children to speak out on the harm of ex-gay programs on Sept. 11. The seminar will be at the Metropolitan Community Church (7208 Dubin Avenue) at 6:30 PM.  

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding