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Iowa: disorderly conduct 'punishment' – death by Taser

Here we go again. In Creston, Iowa, a relatively minor charge, disorderly conduct, that usually results with a person spending time in the clink (if that), turned into a man dying outside the jail 15 minutes after being released.

The Division of Criminal Investigation says an autopsy on 59-year-old Ronald Adkisson is complete, but additional tests, including toxicology, are being done. Adkisson was found not breathing on the sidewalk Monday evening. He died at the scene.

Hours earlier, Creston police used force, including a Taser, to arrest Adkisson following a disturbance at a grocery store.

State officials said Thursday that Adkisson reportedly was having a seizure. Police used force when he became combative to arrest him. Adkisson was charged with disorderly conduct.

Look at this quote from the Division of Criminal Investigation Assistant Director Kevin Winker:

“I can tell you right now is the officers did go hands on with him, but as far as the details of that or the techniques used, that’s something we’re trying to clear up.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding