When life gives you babies, make baby names


I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m pretty pumped about Levi Johnston showing up at an otherwise boring and empty convention with his little puck bunny, Bristol Palin. God knows that what this four days of the living dead needs is some brews and some Jaeger shots, maybe crank up a little 36 Crazyfists (warning sound) to get this par-tay rawkin’. Aaaa-ooo!
High five!
Down low.
In the snow
Too slow!

And even though  the maybe-gonna-be newlyweds haven’t had time to register at the Stampin’ Moose (you thought I was kidding, didn’t you?) just yet, what with thirty six hour engagement and all,  you can still leave them the gift of a suggested name over at Slate for the next Palin-Johnston/ Johnston-Palin/ potential object of a protracted  and ugly custody battle .

Remember that the Palin’s tend to the esoteric when it comes to names, so be creative. And short. Short is good too.

As for me, I went with Puck in honor of ole’ hockey dad since he’s the one who  "put one between the pipes", as they say. Woo! High five!

"Puck Palin", that’s fuckin’ money, dude. They should totally go for it since it’s about the only choice they’re going to get to make involving this baby…

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