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Republicans Scramble To Change Theme Of Convention Again, Kill “Country First”

Like a sitcom that’s testing badly, the GOP Convention keeps getting repackaged. The first theme, "Not Ready ’08" was abandoned after McSame picked Sarah Palin.

Republican organizers said the convention aides in charge of reviewing every speech delivered from the lectern are now on the watch for blunt attacks on Mr. Obama’s readiness to lead, and reviewing how much to emphasize what had been the convention theme: "Not Ready ’08." They are aware that such criticism in a high-profile setting would provide an opportunity for Democrats to make the same charge against Ms. Palin, who has almost no foreign policy experience and has been governor for just 20 months.

Oh well. Then they tried "Country First."

Now, finally, we’re getting, "Serving A Cause Greater Than Self."


And what cause would that be? Seceding from the United States? Because my friends, that’s a cause patriots fringe wingnuts in Alaska can believe in.

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