Satellite of Love

Watching the RNC’s video about Medal of Honor recipient Michael Mansoor, who died in Ramadi, gives me pause before I complain about something, but complain I shall. I’m nearly to the end of my road in preparing for Afghanistan. Plans were foiled, torn up, rearranged and rewritten today, all on the fly, and I’ll be eternally grateful to Christina Miller and Julie Gauthier of the Center for Independent Media for their grace under pressure. Thanks to them, I’m on track to leave on Thursday at noonish.

So, last thing: I can’t seem to make this goddamn satellite modem work. I’m trying. God am I trying. And I’m convinced I can make it work — I didn’t have the CD, but screw it, I found the software on line and downloaded that bad boy. I’m reading the manual and it, you know, sort of makes sense. However, let’s say, just perhaps, you know how to work an Inmarsat HNS 9201. Maybe you could help me out here. Email sackerman-at-washingtonindependent-dot-com. Please email sackerman-at-washingtonindependent-dot-com

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman