I joked on my show that McCain must think he’s Hugh Hefner on “The Girls Next Door” — his first wife was a beauty queen, his former mistress / current wife was a beauty queen, and now his vice president was a beauty queen.  It’s Holly, Bridget, and Kendra!

Boy, I hate it when my jokes cut too close to the truth:

Jonathan Martin’s Blog: McCain: Palin a “soulmate” – Politico.com

John McCain, in his first television interview since his shocking vice presidential pick, said that he saw in Sarah Palin “a partner and a soul mate.”

“This is a person who will help me reform Washington and change the way they do business,” McCain told Chris Wallace on “Fox News Sunday.”

“A partner and a soul mate.”  Is this a Republican ticket or an eHarmony ad?

For John McCain, it looks less like eHarmony and more like Hot or Not.  Watch the candidate with two children older than his vice president check out the assets she brings to the ticket.




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