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Bringing the War Home?

As we keep an eye on the reports about police actions in advance of the RNC – particularly through Lindsay’s great reporting at the Silo and Jane’s videos yesterday – it seems like a good time to remember that these sorts of raids are a daily occurrence in Iraq though often with more deadly consequences.

These images, as well as the news that Blackwater is gearing up to go to NOLA post-Gustav – should give us all a bit to think about.

The month of Ramadan begins tomorrow – a time of fasting and re-dedication for Muslims worldwide. Also a time when the faithful follow the Prophet’s teaching to give generously to those in need. Fatima at GorillasGuides points tonight to an IPS report on the problems faced by Islamic charities under the Bush war on terror.

Given the desperate conditions faced by the people of Iraq – with the continuing drought, lack of basic services and all that has come with the US occupation, this month of Ramadan would be a very good time for us to join in the generosity of the followers of Mohammed by supporting the Red Crescent.

And to all followers of the Prophet “Ramadan Mubarak”!

(Take a moment to look at the lovely banner the team at GorillasGuides have put up for Ramadan – the center image is calligraphy of the greeting Ramadan Kareem – which wishes followers a “generous Ramadan” – a time of generosity.)

h/t markfromireland for translations

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