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Women A Bit Suspicious Of Palin

The latest Rasmussen Report says that voters view Palin favorably by a 53/26 margin, but there appears to be a gender gap, and probably not in the direction that the McCain campaign had been hoping. Nate Silver:

These numbers pretty much speak for themselves, but men have a favorable impression of Palin by a 35-point margin, whereas women have a favorable impression of her by an 18-point margin. Conversely, by a 23-point margin, women do not think Palin is ready to be President, whereas Palin lost this question among men by a considerably smaller 6-point margin.

Nate thinks this may be because men tend to be more conservative than women, and Palin is just to the right of Atilla the Hun. Based on nothing but a gut hunch, I have to wonder if women don’t view the whole Alaska beauty queen routine a bit more skeptically — I sometimes think I’m looking at outtakes from some Cohen brothers movie.

Add to that the fact that Palin was greeted with a chorus of boos when she praised Hillary Clinton at a rally. If McCain chose her expressly to snatch up the PUMA vote, it could present an ugly weld spot within a party grounded in 16 years of institutional Clinton hatred.

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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