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McCain Campaign Sending Investigators to Alaska to Check Into Palin’s Troopergate: Did these idiots not vet her?

Celtic Diva reports that:

A very reliable source overheard Republican spokesperson McHugh Pierre state TODAY that he had spoken to the McCain Campaign. They are coming to Alaska tomorrow to check out the "Troopergate" investigation.

As she points out, this rather suggests that the campaign didn’t vet her properly. Troopergage has been ongoing for some time, even a cursory Google search would have told them they had a problem.

So much for either "judgement" or, given McCain’s inability to use the web, his staff choices. Who does he have advising him, and is it they who are incompetent, or did they warn him and he ignored them? Either way it’s not so much Palin whose fitness is in question, it’s the man who made the decision to make her his running mate: John McCain

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Ian Welsh

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