Even in the most progressive of cities, there are assholes to spare.

A woman wearing a T-shirt promoting a lesbian Web site said she was forced the leave a federal building Monday, Aug. 25 by a security guard who didn’t approve of her attire.

Lapriss Gilbert said she was picking up a Social Security card for her son when the guard was offended by her “lesbian.com” shirt and threatened her with arrest.

She was eventually allowed inside after her mother called police, according to a Los Angeles Daily News story.

The guard, whose name was not immediately available, works for Paragon Security, which contracts with the Department of Homeland Security.

To its credit, the Department of Homeland Security called the guard’s actions “inappropriate and unacceptable,” but this sort of situation leaves you wondering what kind of screening and job training these contract workers receive.  This is an obvious abuse of power and likely an infraction of DHS’s own rules, but I guess it’s all necessary to keep the homeland secure from the horrible threat of lesbian mothers.