I can see the logic behind McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin to be his running mate: Appease the religious right, appeal to disgruntled Hillary supporters (I guess he assumes that women will just blindly vote for anyone with a vagina), and give the ticket some desperately-needed youth and photogenicity.  But it’s really quite remarkable what the internets can come up with in just a few hours.  Here’s what I’ve seen so far:


o Governor of Alaska for less than two years, and before that she was mayor of a town of 8500 people.  So much for attacking Obama’s inexperience.

o Has no idea "what is it exactly that a VP does."


o Used the power of her office to try to get her ex-brother-in-law fired, then fired the uncooperative Public Safety Commissioner and replaced him with a known sexual harasser.  Yep, she’s a Republican, all right.

o Shares the Bush/Cheney approach to government accountability and transparency.

o Broke state law by publicly advocating against a clean water ballot initiative.  But she took her governor’s hat off first, so it’s okay.

o Refused to call for Ted Stevens’ resignation after his indictment, even though she had previously done so with an indicted state senator (also Republican).

o Was for the Bridge To Nowhere before she was against it.

o Employed lobbyists to obtain earmarks as both mayor and governor.

Religion & Ideology:

o The Religious Right – and Grover Norquist – love her.  This was exactly the kowtow from McCain that they were looking for.

o Totally anti-choice, even in cases of rape or incest.

o Opposes gay marriage and healthcare benefits for gay domestic partners.

o Skeptical of evolution and believes that creationism should be taught, or at least "discussed," in the classroom.

o Huge Pat Buchanan fan. (Apparently it’s not mutual.)

o Didn’t like Hillary Clinton’s "whining." (What is it with Republicans and whining?)

Energy & Environment:

o Favors the barbaric "sport" of aerial wolf-hunting to preserve moose and caribou populations… for hunting.

o  Doesn’t believe polar bears should be considered endangered.

Global warming denier.

o Supports oil drilling at the expense of polar bears, beluga whales, and ANWR.  Minimal interest in clean energy.  So much for John McCain’s pretense of environmentalism.

Underneath her attractive and youthful exterior, Sarah Palin is no different from the old white guys running the Republican Party.  She doesn’t care about good government, she doesn’t believe in science, she wants everyone to live in accordance with her Old Testament Christian values.  Basically, she’s Tom Coburn with boobs.

Ten hours down… 1600 to go.