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It’s Palin

The desire to cause complete chaos in the Democratic party by nominating Joe Lieberman was overcome, and Sarah Palin is going to be John McCain’s running mate.  I don’t personally think that it was Joe’s "pro-choice" stance that killed him, he would’ve sold that out in  a heartbeat.  It’s been obvious that the GOP has been making a play for the female vote ever since Obama won the nomination and it became apparent that he would rather gnaw off his right arm than choose her as a running mate.  With the last Rasmussen poll showing that 28% of her voters still won’t vote for Obama, there’s certainly a lot of opportunity there.

I have to say that as a woman, there is something intuitively appealing about her selection, even though I politically disagree with everything she believes in and would never in a million years vote for her.  And we’re hearing a lot about Obama’s support for equal pay and Joe Biden’s championing of domestic violence legislation because a large part of the female voting block is in play.  I’m still not quite sure why Obama didn’t try and lock that vote down by overlooking the personal animosity he and Clinton shared and picking her as his running mate, but he didn’t.  The chemistry between Obama and Biden is good, and watching them together last night I thought they made an appealing combination.  But it also carries risks that McCain decided to exploit.  

The good news is that women’s issues are going to become front and center for this campaign.  I haven’t seen enough of Palin to know how well she could do against Biden in a debate, but I’m not sure it matters.  If she doesn’t make some horrible gaffe, what she stands for symbolically will be more important than anything she says.

I’d just recommend that if anyone is thinking of going on teevee and tearing her down by saying she doesn’t care about the victims of Hurricane Katrina but only cries about her looks, they might want to reconsider.  

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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