Hail Sarah Pass

It would appear that former prisoner of war John McCain is going to choose the GILF from Alaska, Sarah Palin. Considering the fact that, up until this point, his campaign has been about experience, maybe he’s just having a senior moment like when he goes into a restaurant and wants to order creamed corn but instead says "waffles" or "bicycle".

It’s cute when old people do that.

The selection of Palin strikes me as a "stunt" nomination and an admission that even in the misty recesses of former prisoner of war John McCain’s mind, he knows that he is truly fucked. Therefore the campaign seems to be hunting for the PUMA vote; the PUMA being a mythical creature with the body of a middle-aged woman and the head of an idiot. Palin’s main claim to fame is that she doesn’t kill babies but instead gives them hippy names like Track, Bristol, Willow, Piper, and Trig which falls in line with the Christian belief that we must suffer in this world before entering the next.

I don’t know how this is going to play with the conservatives (I did listen to a little hate radio this morning and "ambivalent" and "distraught" seems to be the mood du jour) but I do know that somehwre in America there is a little boy named Tagg who is going to spend the day in his room crying, "It’s not FAIR!".

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