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What a wonderful experience, from start to finish. For about 2 hours, I hung out on the floor with some other DFH blogger types (though they have all gotten hired by the DNC, so I was the slob in the crowd, not wearing a suit). I took about 8 videos like this one, just watching all the people go crazy waving their American flags and dancing to music or hooting at a great line from a speech.

It was a revival meeting, but rather than religion, it was a revival of American democracy. People of every color and age were exalting in democracy.

And, yeah, when Pat Buchanan calls a Democrat’s speech the best convention speech ever, you know Obama hit all the right notes.

But for me, it was the crowd that was most exciting. To see tens of thousands of people just dancing with joy in response to great speech after great speech–even the great speeches of the regular folks–that was worth the trip to Denver.

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