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Peggy Noonan On Obama’s Acceptance Speech: “Every Possibility Of Looking Like A Nuremberg Rally”

2230624230_6feaea32ff_m.jpgI know the Democrats must be kicking serious ass this week, because the commentary on the right is getting, um, a little unhinged. First you had McBobo comparing Democratic delegates to North Koreans and today, Nooner goes for the full Nazi.

…the huge, open air Obama acceptance speech is…one of the biggest and possibly craziest gambles of this or any other presidential campaign of the modern era. Everyone can define what can go wrong, and no one can quite define what "great move" would look like. It has every possibility of looking like a Nuremberg rally; it has too many variables to guarantee a good tv picture; the set, the Athenian columns, looks hokey; big crowds can get in the way of subtle oratory.

Aside from the fact that Nooner has watched a couple of Popes make speeches in American sports stadia without calling them Nazis, she’s an operative for a party that revels in bombastic political spectacle. Someone who’s been a career hack for the same people that brought us presidential aircraft carrier landings and book burnings political rallies at packed megachurches sort of opts out of dropping Nuremberg bombs on anyone else.

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