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How Much is the Price?


Sounds like the folks from CT are not terribly pleased with the way The Powers That Be in the Democratic Party are treating Short Ride Joe.

And the response from the Powers That Be?

But Lieberman’s colleagues have been much more charitable, noting his financial support of the DSCC and his agreement with the party on many domestic issues.

Despite standing only 20 yards away from the Connecticut delegates who criticized Lieberman harshly, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) defended his home-state colleague Wednesday.

Dodd said that Lieberman had given $250,000 to help Democratic Senate candidates win election this fall.

“He gave $250,000 to the DSCC a week and a half ago,” said Dodd. “He’s been very helpful to Democrats.

I wonder if Senator Dodd could clarify something for me: What is his going rate? Could Short Ride Joe stay in the caucus and keep his chairmanship if he gave just $200K? $150K? $50K? $9.99? As the cliche goes, it seems we’ve established what the Dems in the Senate are — now we’re just haggling over the price.

A Hillary delegate who didn’t give $250K to the DSCC who makes a commercial for McCain gets her credentials yanked and is tossed from the party. Short Ride Joe, on the other hand, just smiles and smiles and smiles . . .

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