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“Aren’t There Any Conservative Bloggers Here?”


Your normally shy correspondent, on camera for interview #4, this time for Cox News. Battlefield promotion — emergency backup FDL blogger with the sound bites.

They said it would be on their site later in the evening on, DNC Behind The Scenes.

I was asked:

Aren’t there any conservative bloggers here?

I told him he might be surprised to hear there were likely a lot of them present:

There are a lot of people here that consider themselves conservatives, but this administration has broken their heart.

Biggest deficit in history, government intervention in people’s private lives at an unprecedented level.

The real conservatives are joining us for this election, and for as long as it takes, on the other end of the seesaw to change the balance of power.

Then later, when the balance has been reset, we can go back to disagreeing about almost everything.

P.S. Jon Tester walked in to the Big Tent press room shortly afterward to a complete love fest. He received the best reception of any of the politicians yet.  I thanked him for coming to FDL for Blue America and he said he loved talking with us and would be happy to come back. Did you ever think Montana would elect progressives?

photo by euthman

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