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Stephen Colbert, that joke was offensive

Watching tonight’s Colbert Report before hittin’ the sack for tomorrow’s big day.  He’s got a joke set up by noting all the cable pundits predictions for the implosion of the Democratic Party over the Hillary / Obama rift, and the punchline is:

“If the Democratic Party does not implode, we’ll have to go with our backup scandal: Ed Rendell is a tranny.”  (accompanying stock photo of Penn. Gov. Ed Rendell with a Photoshopped poofy blond wig, bright aquamarine eyeshadow, deep red rouge, bright red lipstick)

Sorry, not cool.  And there were so many possible ways to make the “crazy Dem implosion Plan B” joke work.  I don’t know whether I’m more offended that you carelessly insulted transgender people or that your writers went for such a cheap sight gag when they usually produce smarter comedy.

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