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DNCC 2008: The Big Dawg Cometh

225px-Bill_Clinton.jpgHere we go. Hold on to your hats.

Didn’t take him long to say, "Barack Obama."


“Everything I’ve seen has convinced me that Barack Obama is the man for this job.”


"Barack Obama is ready to lead America. Barack Obama is ready to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Barack Obama is ready to be President of the United States."


"Barack Obama knows that America cannot be strong abroad when we are not strong at home."


Really going off on the GOP’s shitty economic record, torture, Katrina, cronyism — "America can do better than that. And Barack Obama will do better than that."


McCain is a good man, but has embraced the extreme fringe of his party.


"They actually want us to reward them for the last 8 years by giving them four more…Let’s say ‘thanks but no thanks.’ Third time’s not the charm."


"Sixteen years ago, the Republicans said I was too young and inexperienced to be Commander in Chief. It didn’t work in 1992 because we were on the right side of history. And it won’t work in 2008 because Barack Obama is on the right side of history."

Wow, awesome.

(Liveblogging continued below in comments)

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