Getting settled in for the Live Blog – today’s pics

Hi all –

So I am much better settled in tonight! I am at my great friend Tony's bar, where it is very quiet due to the last hot week in Miami before fall, and with a hurricane threat in the Caribbean. I have a/c, a flat screen TV dedicated to the convention, wifi and – something Starbucks did not have: a very nice Pinot Noir. Also of course the company of my dear “TonyHoney” who is a big part of my spouse's and my life. He was a roommate with us for awhile while we lived on the beach, and is truly our brother.

While we're waiting for the live blog, I am going to call the wonderful Daimeon to touch base, and see if there is anything else to post before the event. Hillary is up tonight I believe! Let's see if she can b*tch slap the PUMAs out of their snit and get us a Dem into the WH.

For your waiting pleasure, I have included some pics of the Office Dog through yesterday's saga, and today's enjoyable afternoon.Take a peek below the fold…

Talk to you soon!

Another flight delay:

First class upgrade makes up for delay:

A better day today – waiting for hamburger at dog-friendly café.


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