Buzzflash Editors’ Blog Declares Michelle Obama THE American Dream

From the great reactions I have been reading all over Teh Internets this afternoon (and judging from the reactions of the Freeper swamp-dwellers), it seems that the Buzzflash folks are spot on.

A snippet here, but please read the entire letter:

The story she told Monday night is not an embellished fable; it is as true as the one of my family, where my brother and sister, second generations Americans, made it to and through college — and my brother and I graduated from Yale in the first series of classes that didn't have quotas on Jews. My upbringing wasn't as economically challenged as Michelle Obama's, but I sure can relate to her biography.

Either the American dream belongs to all of us, or it should belong to none of us.

Michelle Obama's family worked hard, her father with a severely disabling illness — and they achieved what any white family would want of the promise of our nation. If their skin was white, Barack Obama would be 15 points ahead by now, because he had no easy path to success either. They would be applauded on FOX and in the corporate press as embodiments of the good that come in America from the commitment of working class heroes. (Well, maybe not on FOX — the Obamas are Democrats after all and must be burned at the stake for that sin, unrelated to race.)



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