Pam and Autumn meet California DelegatesWhile Pam and Autumn attended the Nancy Pelosi speech at the California Delegate breakfast, I began my quest for entertaining protests and fun pictures.  I've made the trek across downtown to the Pepsi Center and wandered all around the perimeter, and I can report that absolutely nothing interesting was happening.  Other than the fiasco involving me, Denver's free rental bike system, and the Secret Service telling me I couldn't ride the bike to the Pepsi Center.

CNN's John King takes a breakI found the media areas.  Looks like CNN has rented out the patio of a restaurant and is calling it “CNN Grill”.  I had a short little conversation with CNN's John King Roberts, who was taking a break in between segments.

Next I'm off to find the blogger's tent and some food.  Suncreen probably wouldn't be a bad idea, either.




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