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SEIU Bash Report: Bloggers, Bloggers Everywhere…

It was a fiesta of margaritas, conversation and a whole lot of shop talk…politics, politics and more politics at the SEIU bash last night.

We got there a little later than we’d hoped — the navigation system in Jane’s rental car went on the fritz, and we were praying her treo battery would hold out long enough to allow Google maps to continue functioning. It’s the 21st century tech world, but when the power ain’t working, no one is happy.

The party was packed last night — with both labor leadership and a passle of A-list bloggers, activists and political movers and shakers. It didn’t hurt that the margaritas on the rocks were pretty tasty, too.

Overheard at the bash, some serious discussion on needed reforms for working folks and a bit of talk — at least at my table — about potential primary needs in the next couple of election cycles. It always nice to see where your interests and issues match up with other folks — and both the labor crowd and the activist/bloggers have a big success with Donna Edwards under their belt. And we almost had one with Lieberman (dammit!) — both campaigns though taught us a lot and we’re contemplating where to best put that knowledge next.

I thought this from Andy Stern pretty much summed up how I’ve been feeling lately as well:

Pointing out how the SEIU played a big role earlier this year in defeating Maryland Democratic Rep. Al Wynn — the national union supported his primary challenger Donna Edwards with an aggressive TV ad campaign – Stern said he would “paint a target” on any member who accepts SEIU backing in the election but fails to follow through on the union’s agenda in 2009.

The AT&T Blue Dog bash was such an eye-opener last night on how elected folks and the lobbyists who love them really hate sunshine. Really, really hate sunshine. And, frankly, I can’t think of a better way to spend our time than shining light in some dark, dismal places, and reviving accountability where it is most needed.

Any suggestions? Let us know, because we’re hoping to have a lot more conversations with a lot of other folks while we are here this week. And probably a few more margaritas along the way…

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Christy Hardin Smith

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