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Scenes From Denver

As Jane has already noted, we had an interesting night last night before the Democratic National Convention had even begun: A crew of dirty hippie bloggers went down to check out the big AT&T party for the Blue Dogs. We’ll have the video up as soon as it’s edited.

But in the meantime, here are a couple of shots from the event. As you can see, Jane managed to inspire the wrath of the security folks hired by the Mile High Station, where the party was held, by stepping over their magical private-property line. The fellow in the red shirt at right actually shoved her, and the cop there was adamant about having her maintain the magic line.

There also was a healthy contingent from Code Pink outside. They really set the Blue Dogs en route to the venue on edge — most of them walking in did their best to ignore and avoid them.

But the guy who really freaked ’em out was Glenn Greenwald, who was relentless in trying to get any of the partygoers to explain why they were there. (That’s Jane with her HarrietCam on the right.)

Not one of them could or did.

More on that soon.

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David Neiwert

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