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Party Guests Ashamed of their Blue Dog/AT&T Hosts At DNC

As I mentioned earlier, we had quite a night last night trying to chat up guests to the AT&T Blue Dog party.  At least they had the good sense to be ashamed as Glenn Greenwald tried to ask them what they were doing there while I followed with HarrietCam.


There’s nothing unusual about this event — other than that it was more forcibly private than most and just a tad more brazenly sleazy. The democracy-themed stagecraft inside the Convention is for public television consumption, but secret little events of this sort are why people are really here. Just as is true in Washington, this is where — and how and by whom — the business of our Government is conducted.

The stuff in front of the cameras is kabuki.  The video above, which includes the Denver Police using their badges on behalf of the lobbyist cabal to keep us away from their guests, is really your government in action.

If you recognize anyone in the video, please leave their name in the comments. 

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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